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Our Beard Oil Ingredients

Argan Oil

Source of Vitamin E, Phenolic Acid, Oleic & Linoleic Acids, moisturizes the skin and nourishes the hair, anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties.


Castor Oil

Source of Oleic & Linoleic Acids, protects the skin, anti-inflammatory properties, mild anti-bacterial agent.


Coconut Oil

Moisturizes the skin, promotes absorption of oils and butters.


Grapeseed Oil

Astringent properties, helps strengthen hair, promotes absorption.

Jojoba Oil

Nourishes the hair, moisturizes the skin, source of Vitamin E, helps lighten scars.

Sunflower Oil

Source of Vitamins A, D & E, source of Oleic & Linoleic Acids and Carotenoids. Nourishes the skin and hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Source of Vitamin A and Fatty Acids, softens and smoothens the skin, soothes inflammation and sunburn, helps relieve itching.

Essential Oil Blend

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