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Our Story

Salty Dog Beard Company produces and supplies High Quality grooming products for men.  We use only the foremost All Natural ingredients to keep you looking and feeling your very best every day.  Hand Crafted with pride in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Salty Dog Beard Company was created through a search for All Natural, yet affordable, beard and grooming products for my personal use. I could not find products that matched what I desired; quality, price, and pleasing scents; so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. After extensive R&D, the right combinations were found and Salty Dog Beard Company was born.

We are committed to taking your SDBC experience to the next level through products for you as well as other aspects of your life. Whether looking for new products for your grooming routine, the best in hand-made accessories, or products to promote the health of your family pet, keep an eye to the horizon.

I hope you enjoy using the products as much as I do myself.

Remember, I'm not only the Salty Dog Beard Company President, but I'm also a client.

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TameYour Beard, Not Your Soul!


The Admiral in Chief

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