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How to Apply Beard Oil

Best applied to a towel-dry beard, but can be used on a dry beard as well. If you are unsure of how much product you will need to tame your mane, start with a small amount, you can always add more if needed. Can be followed with one of our Beard Balms to give shape and definition to your beard. Keep away from your moustache if you plan on using one of our Salty Dog ‘Stache Waxes as the amount of hold may be diminished.


Start with a dime-sized amount to the palm of your hand (you may need more for a longer beard). Rub hands together to warm and smooth product, work product onto your fingers. Apply to surface of beard by smoothing hands over surface of  hairs front and underneath, then run fingers through hairs to distribute into beard and massage into the skin. Use comb or brush to distribute product through the hairs. Let your beard shine, or follow with a Salty Dog Beard Balm if desired.


To follow with Beard Balm: Use Beard Oil as directed. Apply a small amount of Beard Balm to the palm of your hand and rub together to warm and smooth product until all clumps are softened (could be up to 60 seconds depending on product). Use palms of hands to smooth the surface of your beard to maintain shape and tame any unruly hairs, style with comb.

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