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Moustache Comb, Horn

Moustache Comb, Horn


Size: 3" long x 1" high (aprox)


This comb is amazing! Hand made by a Canadian Artisan this comb is made of durable Steer Horn that is not affected by oils, so it won't degrade like wood combs do. Unless you lose or break it, the comb will be around for years.

The profile is hand-cut with smooth edges, and no seems, so it glides through your hair without tearing or cutting like the molded plastic ones do.

Because this is a natural product, shape of comb and colour variations in the veining and some warping may exist, therefore every comb is unique. Sorry, we cannot guarantee a specific colour combination.


*Note: Although these combs are quite durable, Natural Horn can have hidden inclusions which can cause them to break if stressed (bent), dropped, or struck.

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    Sorry, no returns on combs & brushes.

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